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Getting started with vodka

2013/6/4 11:02:56

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Vodka is made from grains or potatoes. It is distilled to produce alcohol up to 95 degrees, and then diluted with distilled water to 40 to 60 degrees, and filtered through activated carbon. Distilled wine, the national wine of Russia and Poland.

Neutral vodka:
It is the main product of vodka. It is colorless and tasteless. It can be beautifully mixed with almost any kind of beverage to increase the strength of the beverage without changing the taste. It is suitable as a base wine to mix wine.

Golden vodka:
A vodka product that needs to be aged in wine barrels.

Flavored vodka:
A vodka product made by adding fruits, herbs or spices of various colors and flavors to vodka.

A few Russian proverbs: "There can be no delicious snacks, but not enough vodka; there can be no foolish jokes, but there can be no vodka; there can be no stunning women, but there can be no vodka."

Russia has always been a major producer of vodka, but Sweden, Finland, Germany, the United States and Japan can also make high-quality vodka.

Vodka enthusiasts say that good vodka will taste soft and smooth. It smells like grain, and when frozen, it hardens. Bad vodka is astringent, bitter, watery, and smells like medicine. If vodka tastes burning to your taste, it may not be good quality vodka.

Vodka is colorless and light and refreshing, making people feel unsweetened, bitter, and astringent. Only high-alcohol like flames stimulate the vodka's unique characteristics.

Drinking vodka (approximately 35 ml) in an appropriate amount every day will not cause harm to the body, but will bring various benefits to the body. For example, reducing weight, reducing stress, and making tinctures can improve cardiovascular health, reduce the risk of stroke and dementia, and prolong life.

Frozen vodka
Freeze vodka, a thin layer of cream will form on the glass, and the texture of the wine will become thicker, but it will not freeze. When drinking, pour vodka into about two-thirds of the frozen cup, and then pour it down, it is very refreshing. When drinking frozen vodka with a sip, I will feel a thrilling cold at first, but after a few seconds, my throat will feel hot, which is a very exciting way to drink.

Burning vodka
Add two-thirds of Baileys to the liqueur glass, and then add the right amount of vodka. It will float on top of the wine. After it is ignited with fire, a blue flame will emerge. First, use a straw to drink the lower layer of sweetness. The wine tastes particularly good.

Vodka with milk
Pour the right amount of vodka into the wine glass, pour the right amount of pure milk, then add the right amount of ice cubes, and gently shake it with your hands. The glass exudes a strong milky wine scent, which will not have a strong impact on the senses when drinking It makes people feel more comfortable.

Drink crazy
Sprinkle the best black pepper in vodka, take a bite of spicy ginger, and then quickly pour 50 grams of vodka into the mouth. It is said to be the most exciting drink in history. That kind of intense stimulation cannot be described in words, but many people have a soft spot for this way of drinking and think that it can best show the charm of men.

007 Bond Classic-Vodka Martini
Mix 1.5 ounces (pure vodka) with 1/2 ounces (orange liqueur) and 3/4 ounces (lemon juice). Shake well and pour into martini glass. If you want to add some flavor, put a piece of lemon zest next to the cup and add some olives.

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