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Getting started with whiskey

2012/11/23 19:07:39

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Whisky (Whisky, Whiskey) is a kind of strong distilled spirits brewed from grains such as barley and aged in oak barrels for 43 years. The British call it "water of life".

The most representative classification method of whiskey is that it can be divided into: Scotch whiskey, Irish whiskey, American whiskey, Japanese whiskey, and Canadian whiskey according to the place where the whiskey is produced and the country. Among them, Scotch whiskey is the most famous.

Whiskey classification
I. Scotch Whisky

Scotch whiskey is one of the best whiskies in the world with its dry, full-bodied, full-bodied, round, and tender features.

There are many varieties of Scotch whiskey, which can be divided into Single malt whiskey, Pure malt whiskey, Grain whiskey and Blended whiskey according to different brewing methods.

Scotch Whisky assortment
Single malt whiskey: It uses germinated barley as raw material;

Pure Malt Whisky: a blend of various single malt whiskies;

Grain Whiskey: It is mainly used to produce blended whiskey.

Blended whiskey: It is a mixed drink of malt whiskey and grain whiskey;

Irish Whiskey
Second, Irish whiskey

Irish whiskey is one of the most typical whiskey styles in the world. Compared to Scotch Whisky, Irish Whiskey is softer and rounder.

This is because Irish whiskey goes through three distillations. Irish whiskey does not use peat toast, so there is no smoky flavor in the liquor, but it has a clear fruit and spice flavor, and it has a greasy and smooth texture and a full body.

The types of Irish whiskey can be divided into four categories: WhiskeyPotstill (pot-distilled whiskey), GrainWhiskey (grain whiskey), WhiskeySingleMalt (single malt whisky), Blended Whiskey (blended whiskey).

American Bourbon
Third, American whiskey

The United States is the world's largest consumer of whiskey. Although the production of whiskey in the United States is only over 200 years old, American whiskey is famous for its high-quality water, mild wine quality and the aroma of charred black oak barrels. Especially American bourbon whiskey is world-renowned.

1) Bourbon:

Bourbon whiskies must be made from a mixture of grains, and the proportion of corn in the mixture should be at least 51%.

All Bourbon whiskies must be made in the United States, have a distilled alcohol content of less than 80%, and be matured in new oak barrels. Bourbon whiskey has a clear aroma of coconut and vanilla. It is full-bodied and semi-dry.

American Tennessee Whiskey
2) Tennessee (Tennessee):

Tennessee whisky is roughly the same as Bourbon whiskey brewing. The only difference is that the Tennessee whisky is filtered with maple charcoal before bottling. The filtered Tennessee whisky is smoother and has a light sweet and smoky flavor.

Japanese whiskey
Fourth, Japanese whiskey

The first bottle of real Japanese whiskey was born in 1929. The only difference from Scotch whisky is that the Japanese distillery must be self-sufficient, and there is no transfer of wine between major wineries. Because of this, even the style of the blended wine has always been somewhat the same.

Another feature of the Japanese whiskey brewing art is the barrel material that pays special attention to the aging process and diversity. Shirley barrels, bourbon barrels, Japanese oak barrels, new wooden barrels, etc. Each barrel will bring its own unique fragrance: a long-lasting, fresh, elegant, and even combined strange aroma.

Japanese whiskey
Japanese whiskey classifications are: Single Malt, Single Malt, Vatted Malt, Grain Whisky, Blend Whisky.

1) Single malt (Single Malt) The representative brands are Hakushu and Yamazaki produced by Suntory; Chichibu produced by Toa and Karuizawa produced by Mercian; Miyagikyou and Yoichi produced by Nikka.

2) The representative brands of Vatted Malt are All Malt, Malt Club, PureMalt Black, PureMalt Red, PureMalt White, Taketsuru and so on.

3) The representative brand of Japanese Single Grain Whisky is the Nikka series produced by Nikka.

4) Blend Whisky The representative brands are Black Nikka, Hibiki, Kakubin, Suntory and so on.

Canadian whiskey
Canadian whiskey

Almost all Canadian whiskeys are blended, with grain whiskey produced by continuous distillation as the main body, and rye whiskey (Rye Whiskey) produced by pot distillation to add flavor and color.

Canadian whiskey has a refreshing scent and a light, refreshing taste. Many North Americans love this wine.

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