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Absolut Vodka

2013/6/12 17:44:44

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Brand: Absolut Vodka
Country: Sweden
Founded: 1879
Product Category: Vodka
Alcohol content: 40%
Net content: 700ML
Founder: Lars Olsson Smith
Company headquarters: Ahus, a subsidiary of Swedish V & S (Swedish town Agers)
History: 400 years of brewing tradition
Absolute vodka breed
Absolute vodka varieties (11 photos)
Wine Castle / Producer: Absolut Vodka
Ingredients: water
Grade: Top Vodka Brands
Place of origin: Sweden
Cultivation and brewing technology: continuous distillation method.
Taste types: Since the 1980s, the absolute vodka family has continued to expand, adding a variety of flavors such as pepper, lemon, black currant, citrus, vanilla, and cranberry, and still maintaining the excellent quality of absolute vodka.
Awards: Absolut Vodka, a world-renowned top spirits brand, Vodka Photography is the top American luxury brand selected by Forbes Business Magazine.
Best time to enjoy: long.
Food Matching: Suitable for all kinds of Chinese dishes. Can be consumed alone or for cocktails.
Suggested storage conditions: constant temperature of 12 ~ 18 ℃, relative humidity of 60 ~ 70%, protection from light, shock and no odor.

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